25 March 2009

Grammar : Syntax


Drawings and designs both have to revised at some point in each of our iarc classes. In studio, we are designing a 3rd skin. As we go through the process of design, we alter different parts of our design in order to have a successful design. We also do this in drawing and drafting. Our first drafts may need to be done over in order to achieve the best outcome.


An audience listens and participates in what is being presented to them. Last Friday, Khoi Vo came to speak infront of audience that I was a part of. As he was presenting his slide show the audience listened to what he had to say. At the end, the audience approached questions and comments in order to understand and engage in his presentation.



Character helps to define a person, place, or thing. The person we try to be describes our character. A designer in itself is an example of a character trait. In the work that is accomplished by a designer shows character of the piece as well as the designer. Certain attributes to buildings such as columns or domes add character.



In studio, we transition into different steps in the process of design. We start at the basic step with brainstorming and gathering materials. We then go further to transition that into a drawing and model. Each transition goes further into the design to produce the final product. The transition is also important to have a purpose for your design.


In drawing and drafting, we use datums in order to construct lines which form a design. A datum can be a line or point. It is a reference to help decide where the correct location of a line should be. Datum's do not have to be visible, they are usually just a guide to help create the image.

As designer's, we use these words in our work everyday to have a more successful design. We revise and alter to have a better design. We have a certain process we go through in order to get the final product as well. Character is put into our designs to represent the character of ourselves. We also show character to our audience by the way we present our work.

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leah said...

The writing only gets the basics down... dig a little deeper, and try to use more examples from the history class.