31 August 2008

5 Things


My lines in this are not very straight, I used a lot of short lines in order to make a line and I have been taught not to do that. So I am going to redo these with out the staggered lines as soon as I get some time on my hands.

29 August 2008

First Lettering Assignment

This was my first attempt at doing lettering. I never really thought about how perfect your letters have to be until they made me realize it. So far, in just my 4th week of classes, I have already seen the difference in the appearance it makes on your work.

My Foot

I actually drew my own foot, just because I wanted to. But considering this is my first drawing that I have done in YEARS (freshman year in high school) I have got to say that I don't think it's too bad...

27 August 2008


As I was looking through other people's blogs, my favorite one was Tommy Kane's. I love the combination of sketches and of photos. The sketches are fun and full of life. In some, the pieces are even commical such as the "model's diet". He also relates it to real life photo's of models which sends the message he wants. The photo's on his page are of actual life such as people and animals. The lighting and atmosphere of the pictures are also enlightening.