30 September 2008

10 Minute Sketches

We took ten minutes on each drawing using a view finder. We drew the same thing three times from different views. It got very tiring after a while...

Pictorial Systems

So far, I am really enjoying drafting. I think it's going to be what I like best actually.

12 Twigs...Final One.

As I produced my final model, I was satisfied with the way it turned out. I first started with regular paper and shaping the paper and twigs in such a way of a hut. I then did something still a little similar to that and except took the sides out to an angle, placing the twigs along them to create a "canoe" look. Once we kept going over models and projects in class, I realized that I was doing more building with my sticks rather than making a place for them. This is how I came up with this final idea.
In the beginning, I started out with cardboard. I also did not have the flat plane underneath the twigs. I felt as if the cardboard was not as sturdy as I wanted it to be, so I switched to foam board. This was very sturdy and was neat and clean with no access bending or creases. I chose the certain color of the board and used both the colored side and the white side to create more of an effect to the twigs. The colored side was a lighter shade of the color of twine I used to hold the twigs together. Using both the colored and white side gave more energy to the project. I also chose these particular 12 twigs, because they were somewhat straight and were very smooth in texture. They reminded me of the smooth surface that was also on the foam board. I then added in the flat plane under the twigs to highlight and signify the twigs more. The plane was 12 inches which was also the same length of my 12 twigs.
This final model that I produced was very satisfying to me and also pleasing to the eye. It reminded me of a bridge, which I used for my final precedent as well. I created a place for my 12 twigs instead of building with them.

23 September 2008

Light Fixtures

In this assignment, we had to draw three different light fixtures three times, in three different perspectives. The first one on the top left corner was my toughest one that I did, and the one I spent most of my time on. It was done far away, so there was a lot of detail to capture. I then learned to get closer to the object so get what I needed in a shorter amount of time.

22 September 2008

Precedent #2

This is my new precedent for my Twig project. My project reminds me of a wooden bridge. It is made of sticks (wood) just like the bridge in the picture. They are also both located where something is able to be beneath it. Theyboth have good structure to them and they fit in their place. There are also decorative pieces to enhance the main center piece. In the picture, it is the rocks. In my design, it is ribbon that hold the sticks together.

Lettering: Quotes

These are famous quotes that we had to write for a lettering assignment. I enjoy doing lettering and think that the assignments really help with technique.

Lettering: Lyrics

In this lettering assignment we had to write our favorite lyrics. These lyrics are by 3 Doors Down, Your Arms Feel Like Home.

Lettering: Lyrics

In this lettering assignment we had to write our favorite lyrics. These lyrics are by 3 Doors Down, Your Arms Feel Like Home.


These are my hands that I drew for a homework assignment. I drew my left hand with my right hand and my left hand with my right.


We drew rainboots in class oneday because everyone was wearing them since it was raining outside. They displayed them on a table in the center of the room and this is the angle I was sitting to draw them.

3 Architectural Hardwares


This is an assignment we did in class. We had to draw 3 different pieces of architectural hardware and draw them using three different sketching techniques. I used contour, cross contour, and negative space shading.

2nd Graphic for Twigs

This is my final graphic that i did for my 12 Twigs. This resembles more of what my final product will look like. I have changed a few things and have also added some pieces to it.

1st Graphic for Twigs


This was my first graphic that I did for my 12 Twigs. It was very simple and it was also my first idea that I had.

17 September 2008

Issue's with 12 Twigs

This will be the third time that I have changed my idea for my 12 twigs. Going through the critiques really help me to think about what I have produced and what I could do differently. My first idea I just did not like, I did not think my idea was good enough for my twigs. My second idea was okay, it reminded me of a canoe, but I felt as if I were building with twigs rather than making a special place for them. Finally, I have come up with my third, and hopefully last idea. I chose different twigs that were of a similar appearance, semi straight, and same color. They also kind of reflect my personality, I also think they are pretty. I had some trouble choosing the best color in which to accent my twigs. The colors came down to painting the cardboard black or white, and I have chosen white. We will see what the outcome is, but it is a surprise for you! If I decide to change anything else, or have any more problems I will be sure to blog them!

*Theory Hour*

Today in theory hour, John Lynn was our speaker. The featured topic was Architecture in 2030. He not only taught us how to build sustainable buildings but also how to restore the buildings that already exist. It is important to keep the buildings we have now to be able to restore them instead of just starting fresh with everything. He also talked about how it was important to build carbon neutral buildings. In order to do this, you would need to use solar panels as well as recyclable materials. This would produce less carbon within the air which would help to stop global warming. It would also produce better health for human beings. When constructing a building, he mentioned that it was important to make it where it can still be used 130 years from now. John Lynn also talked about the LEEDS program in which he mentioned the Aproximenty Hotel. Sustainability is a process which we have heard every speaker say so far this year. It takes time, effort, and patience. In doing all of this, we are making the world a better place to live. It is not as healthy as it once was, and neither are we. Since we have been the one’s to destroy the innocent Earth, we too are the ones who can begin to make a change.

14 September 2008


My next design for twigs reminds me of a canoe. Although my project does not come to a point on both ends, it still appears to me that i could set it afloat on a stream. It is sturdy enough to place items in it, just like a canoe does. Most canoe's are also made of wood, and so is my project...and some other agents. Thinking of my project as a canoe makes the thought peaceful as you would imagine a flowing stream, river, or lake.

Line Contour of a Chair.

This technique is pretty difficult, but I like the outcome of what it looks like.


I enjoyed drawing the logs and think they turned out okay. It's kind of hard to mess up on them though.


This was the skyline that was outside the window close to my desk...it's pretty beautiful.

Negative Space: Bicycle

The bicycle was hard to draw!

Negative Space: Chair


I think I still focus too much on what the object is and what and how it should be drawn instead of actually looking at just negative space, so I need to keep working on it.

Blind Contour: Portrait


These were pretty hard and I don't really know what I thought about them. This one is actually decent compared to my other ones...i'll post them later...but they're pretty comical!

3 Messes

These kind of speak for themselves. In doing this activity though, I realized that I need to work on the way lines run and the view I see them in order to draw them.

11 September 2008

A Place for A Leaf...

In my place for this particular leaf, I wanted it to have a place of protection and security. The paper was a good height for it, as well as had a good color. I decided on black in order to represent security because when you think about it, policeman, security guards, they all wear black. (its also kind of intimidating) I also put the cuts in the paper for light to come in to represent life. I picture my leaf sitting in an office window seal with a large window where the light can shine in revealing life.

01 September 2008

Up Side Down Drawing


This was an interesting assignment I thought. I actually really enjoyed it. I noticed that at the top of the page, I was drawing everything really big and once I got to the head, I had to draw it really small in order for it to fit on the page. I think it would have been better if I just had some larger paper haha!
(Interesting I know!)