09 October 2008

12 Rods and Planes

As I began this project, I had a lot of problems of producing a design using all 12 rods and all 12 planes. It took me several different tries to decide how and what I was going to do. My first attempt was very unorganized and did not use all the materials that were necessary. As I kept working on it, I came up with a similar idea to my final project, but then decided that something else needed to be change because it did not satisfy me. The way I had the paper positioned on the rods bothered me, so I as I worked with it, I arranged the paper in the way it is on the final model. I felt like this gave a good view from top, bottom, and side. It produces spaces within the paper, as well as within the rods. They are all connected to one another and hold each other together forming unity. This is how I decided that my final model would work for the final presentation.

06 October 2008

Unity: Compare & Contrast

As I looked around the critique room today, many of the projects captured my eye. I saw a lot of unity and a lot of different ideas and techniques. One that I found that stood out to me was Kalani’s. It reminded me of the Shell that I have previously learned about in Patrick’s class.

It is obvious that Kalani’s and mine differed in appearance in the fact that his was more rounded and curved. Mine on the other hand is more straight and direct. It has flat planes instead of curved ones. They also differ because my skewers are very parallel. Kalani’s skewer’s are a little more tilted and do not exactly lay parallel to the one another.

In comparison, there are spaces made within both of our projects. In Kalani’s project, there are definite spaces that are formed between the sheets of Bristol board, as well as with mine. Patterns are achieved by this, but also with the use of the sticks. I believe that both of our projects show a lot of care and precision. They appear that each skewer and each sheet of Bristol board were positioned according to their perfect place within the project. The sizes and how much space is revealed was also a concept that appears to had been carefully thought about.