08 April 2009

Between Silence + Light


Craft is very important in everything that you do and design. Craft can make or break a design. We are always told to make everything with great craft, even if it is only a sample or rough draft. This is also good practice for the real and final product. Montecello and Falling Water both had excellent craft in the way they were constructed. It was obvious that there was a lot of thought put into the two buildings. The details of how light would affect the interior and exterior was also thought about particularly at Falling Water.


Most places have seperate areas of public and private spaces whether it is in a home or commercial building. Usually in homes private spaces include the bedrooms and offices. Public spaces include the living area, kitchen, entertainment areas, etc. In commercial buildings the offices would be considered as the private area. Conference rooms would be an example of a more public space.


How something is performed or done is usually different from person to person. A technique would be the way a certain person chooses to do something. By having different techniques with people, we get a variety of different outcomes which produces a more creative and abstract world. Although this is true, this also brings unity. Different techniques help out individuals who may not know their own specific way of constructing something yet.


Language is important throughout the world. The way you speak can show knowledge. Being able to use words and phrases in the correct manner lets others know you have knowledge about that specific topic. Designers also want language to be seen within their projects. Design words are used in projects and it is successful when you are able to see them within.


This past week in my religion class we have been talking about virtuality in Christianity and in Judaism. I have learned that it means the essence of being, but not in fact. Christianity and Judaism are not the only religions that virtuality would apply to but majority of them. They all have a belief but it is not "in fact". It was interesting to see one of our words in another view besides design.