24 February 2009




The metric system is universal. Interior architects/designers measure everyday in order to make things accurate and correct. In our classes we have been measuring rooms, models, plans, etc. We do this in order to have correct measurements for various reasons such as positioning of objects. By having the right measurements we are able to make scale models and figures in order to test ideas and work out any problems.


Precedents are used in order to feed off of and to build your own ideas. Precedents can be people, objects, buildings, etc. They serve as examples of work that are in effect. I have used several different precedents for projects throughout the past couple of years. Last year I did a precedent study in Patrick's class on the Baths of Diocletian as well as on our twig project in studio. I used a bridge to represent as a precedent for my creation of 12 twigs. Another example in everyday life of this is the United States Capital building. The Capital building was built off the idea and creation of the Roman Pantheon. It includes the large dome as well as using the columns in the front.



The presence of something is the state of being present. Suzanne has taught us that in order to get more details and a better drawing of something is to be there drawing it physically. This is better than taking a picture where you cannot see it as 3-deminsional as it really is. We have done that this past week by drawing certain buildings on campus. I have been drawing the Curry building and have been present at my location to get a better drawing. We also did this with the drinking and drawing project with Suzanne. We were told to go out to places such as a coffee shop and draw what we saw.


Capturing moments of something is important to feel the meaning of what is created. By using thumbnail sketches, we have captured moments with our 3-deminsional black and white objects. We also used this same approach last year with our cell phone and stick project. Even in our personal lives, we like to celebrate important moments to us. Usually we do not remember a whole story or time, instead, we remember moments.


We looked at duality with our models that we have made as well as with our fairytales. Most ideas and creations have multiple dualities in order to serve their purpose. The more there are the more functional and successful the design is. We see this in good design within a home. The more ways a room is functional, the better. By doing this, more people’s needs are met and the room is successful.

Designs use a variety of techniques and ideas. We begin my being present at a certain place. This brings ideas to the designer and serves as a precedent. We then measure out what we are wanting to create and find a certain scale for the design. The more we get into it we create moments and duality to help enhance what we are creating.

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leah said...

Technically nice writing, but it needs more substance. Referencing to history/theory should be stronger... most sections deal with a definition but not much more exploration about how that connects to your work or the history/theory class. No citations either... you don't have to cite the history text, per se, you can cite things you're reading-- books, magazines, websites, etc.